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Saturday, October 01, 2016
a new hell

The story is too long, but I suppose over time I will write it out.
We lost nearly everything, that was in January 2015; that was my father-n-law's fault and we had moved cross country to be with him in his last days, this is the thanks we got for coming to him. Fact is, because of his lack of forward-thinking, knowing for years his time was limited, due to cancer, he left no will, he left no important papers and left no instructions for his estate. Because of no will, my wife's inheritance {the home we lived in} was stolen by an unscrupulous attorney, most of the funds from a life insurance policy was stolen by her own aunt.
The house was supposed to be hers, our place to live for the rest of our lives, without worry; this did not come true. We were forced to move, I got a job with Amazon and we started digging ourselves out of a financial black hole.
{skipping a lot of experiences}
I was injured on the job, Amazon is a beast, they portray themselves as a wonderful place to work, however that is just a facade. I was screwed from the start, the worker's comp doctor was a total dweeb, wouldn't listen to me about my injury and made it worse. As it ended up, I hired an attorney, who really doesn't seem overly interested in the case, or maybe he's afraid of Amazon.
We were once again forced to move, now homeless, we made our way back across the continent and back where we started...well sort of where we started. We live with my wife's daughter and her family. It isn't where I want to be and I am sure it isn't where my wife wants to be either.
Last night we calculated out of the ten years of being married, we have lived alone, just the two of us, for only three years. We took care of her mother, a horrid, soulless woman, dying of liver cancer for about two years. Then we cared for her father, also dying of cancer, that was for about two years. We've had family members live with us as well...when does life start for us?
Sometimes I don't get it at all.
The choices we made, to take care of her mother, a woman who had no soul, no heart, an evil Narcissistic her a fourth chance...simply out of caring for an individual who nobody else wanted to care for.
We cared for her father, an eternal stoner, who had known for at least five years that he was going to die from the cancer he had, because my wife hadn't seen him in something like twenty years, and felt some kind of bond with him. He was a troubled person, a very unhappy person, similar to his x-wife, who felt--- "If I am unhappy, you will be unhappy...".
Our decision to move cross-country, to care for him was an honest decision, totally based on the fact that my wife wanted to spend time with him, before he died and to be there, since, as it proved out; none of his so-called "friends" really gave a fuck.
Why is it, when people make decisions which will affect their lives, that these decisions, based on a thought of "doing something good for somebody else" turn into something very wrong, very horrible?
We now, basically homeless. Sure we have somewhere to live, however it isn't our place, ours was stolen away. So here I am, at this blog, not really knowing what I will write about, not knowing what it really is for.

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